To communicate with each other, the computers use numbers called IP address. This is similar to the way you communicate over the cell phone.

To help people find your business the hosting server and a domain name (the name of the website) is needed. Without this one cannot have a website of their own.

For any business or need, the domain name is extremely important, because it is the name of the website that appears when looked for on any search engine.

Choosing one company to purchase the domain name and hosting server will ease the process. We will do so for you, this will help you get rid of the extra work.

Only to discover later, a website in the finest form.

Linux Hosting

Linux is a popular operating system for hosting platform in the industry. It provides many features and is compatible with PHP and MySQL. It also supports popular scripts like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop and Other CMS.

Linux hosting features include :

99.9% uptime

Easily Accessible Customer Support

Reliable Hosting Infrastructure


Windows Hosting

Windows web hosting is provided on windows servers and is suitable for technologies like ASP,, MS Access and MS SQL databases for websites and applications.


Windows hosting features include :

Reliable Hosting Infrastructure

99.9% Server Uptime

Easily Accessible Customer Support


VPS Hosting

If you are looking for a powerful yet cost effective solution to host your applications with high data & high memory needs then your search is over. Our Super HD Windows VPS plans come with 100% SSD storage with hardware RAID capable to handle large data in a virtual environment. On top of that high speed memory gives your applications top-notch performance.

VPS hosting services include :

Concrete Security

Dedicating a Database

High Speed

Solitary Control

Scale as you like

Control in your hands

Recover what you lost


Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are most suited for those whose website experiences high traffic. As the name suggests, it’s a physical server dedicated only to the owner, which means the entire website is under your control. You get unrestrained access to all files, database and resources with ample storage space to utilize for your business needs.

Take the plunge and get yourself a quality dedicated server with the best conditions for your website. You can opt for the ease of use of a Managed Dedicated to enjoy our exclusive Control Panel or opt for a Self-Managed Dedicated where you will be the one who administers and decides what technology to use.

Dedicated servers include :

High Speed Quad/Hexa/Octa/Deca Core Intel Xeon CPU Servers

99.9% SLA Powered Network Uptime Guaranteed

Rock-Solid Data Center

High Bandwidth Servers

Protect Against Spams & Viruses

Linux/ Windows Support

Regular Data Backups & 24/7 Technical Support